What does the Laser Lipolysis do to the fat in your body?
Laser Lipolysis (I-Lipo) stimulates the body's natural processes of emptying stored fat contents in fat cells, by using laser to break it down until it liquefies, making this process efficient and timeless.

How Big of a difference will you see after the first session? 
This is a proven fact that after the first session you will see up to 30% fat reduction! Along with that, the average circumferential reduction is between 3-8 cm in just 1 visit!

Does the Lipolysis involve surgery? 
No, because the procedure is a non-evasive treatment,

which basically means there is no need for surgery like traditional Liposuction.

What’s so great about the I-Lipo? Why should we choose it? 
You should choose I-Lipo because this machine is a form of laser treatment to aid in the loss of fat in a way, which is faster than the normal diet, and exercise route. It saves time, and is just as healthy, safe, and a lot less intrusive.

What is the procedure? 
The laser penetrates through the affected fat areas, and into the individual fat cells. The laser then causes the fat cells to release fat stored within them. Once the fat is released, it is then absorbed into the body ready to be burnt off as a primary energy source, so its always a good idea to perform some light exercise after each session for effective results. 

Which major areas on your body can be targeted? 
I-Lipo can target fat reduction in many including, thighs, abdomen, arms & chin.